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The ALP slurry applicator has been developed by Agricultural machinery Plumed SL as a machine capable of distributing farmyard slurry with maximum precision in a simple and reliable way, minimising maintenance and manpower requirements for handling and operation.

Progressively, slurry has ceased to be a livestock waste and has become an important and valued input for agriculture and its correct application and use.

It is more of a necessity than an obligation and this is where our slurry applicator offers a solution for all those farms that want a simple and optimal use of slurry.

The layout of our slurry applicator is both simple and innovative in slurry applicators: 5 independent sections, each fed independently of each other from the centre of the section. 

This gives us the following advantages over our competitors.

  • Maximum uniformity, maximum 4 outputs on one side of the general inlet, thus reducing pressure losses and increasing the homogeneity of the output.
  • Possibility of total cleaning The individual sections are fitted with removable covers for trouble-free cleaning to ensure a long service life of the equipment.
  • Possibility of sectorised closing, up to 5 sectors, allowing automation and even GPS control.
  • Two-stage sequential folding which leaves a transport width of less than 2.55mts suitable for road transport
  • Possibility of working at working widths of 3, 5, 8, 10 or 12 metres.

Our alp applicator bar with outlets at the equator of the tube by means of reduced elbows avoids blockages and at the same time guarantees that with any depressor we can treat with 12mts with high uniformity as our overflow system guarantees a low variability in the dose that comes out of each emitter with any flow rate even at small doses per ha.

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