Who are we?

More than 30 years of experience.


Maquinaria Agrícola Plumed S.L. we are a company of Agricultural Machinery located in Monreal del Campo (Teruel) with more than 30 years of experience. We are New Holland, Kuhn and Promodis dealer. 

At Maquinaria Agricola Plumed we are a company with a strong family accent that has a clear mission and target public, the farmers and stockbreeders, in short, the professionals of the countryside.

Our History...

At PLUMED we want to offer an integral solution to the professional in the field by supplying them with the machines more modern and efficient We do not want to stop there. We offer our modern and trained after-sales service so that these machines do not stop (efficient maintenance) and if they do, that it is the minimum time (trained professionals and the most modern tools) and in addition we offer you our complete AGRICOLA shop where you can find practically all the (non-agrochemical) supplies you need such as lubricants, wear and tear and technical spare parts. We also have our irrigation department that is capable of designing, installing and maintaining almost any installation, irrigation or supply that our client may need.

We do not care about the size of your farm, we make sure that every customer receives excellent treatment, because the needs of the customer do not depend on the size of the farm.

The Plumed team, made up of more than 20 people, always tries to offer a professional treatment, always looking for the best solution and service for the customer, trying to offer the best machines and the best service at the best price on the market, without ever giving up the quality that has always been our hallmark. We are still in the town where we were born as a company. Monreal del Campo in the province of Teruelwith more than 50% of the staff of the same village of ours commitment with the territory and the rural world is one of our hallmarks, regardless of the fact that we have opened facilities in the city of Teruel to provide a better service to customers in the area.

A lot of rain has fallen (though less than necessary) since that 1985 in which Felix Lopez together with two other partners will found Maquinaria Agricola Plumed SL, now his children Felix Miguel and Juan as managers of the company we try to faithfully follow the teachings that he has given us and continues to repeat to us. "the best salesman is a satisfied customer". and here we are every day from 8 o'clock in the morning trying to win "the best seller". 

Specialised technical service and continuous training

We have formed more than a team, we have formed a big family in which we have professional experts in the sector who will advise and guide you so that you always choose the option that suits you best.

Juan López Plumed

Felix Miguel López

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